Hybrid Power Station

Ditch Diesel!

Upgrade your construction site’s power source with a cutting-edge, solar-powered hybrid generator designed to revolutionize the way you generate energy on-site. Say goodbye to the noise, emissions, and hassle of traditional diesel generators and embrace a cleaner, more efficient future. Past clients and users have saved as much as $2000 per month over diesel-fueled alternatives.

On the rare days that the sun does not shine in Colorado, we provide an efficient backup generator to help supplement our hybrid trailer. Best of all, “peace of mind” is included as we offer 24/7 system monitoring and fueling if necessary. If there is ever a problem in the field with one of our stations, we’ll likely know it before you do!

Upgrade your construction site’s power infrastructure today and set new standards for efficiency and sustainability

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Product Specs

Portable Solar Generator
• 20kVA Continuous Power Output – 240V Single Phase
• 8 Bifacial Solar Panels producing 3800W of solar energy per hour
• Expandable Solar – up to 10,000W of solar energy per hour
• 60kWh Energy Storage – Expandable to 200kWh

With a fully charged system, you can power the below for the specifically listed number of hours.

11W Light bulb – 5,454 hours
100W TV – 600 hours
400W Refrigerator – 150 hours
1000W Microwave – 60 hours
1,500W Space Heater – 40 hours